• Doctor brothers from Nashik are the first ever Indians to finish the World’s toughest bicycle race-Race Across America (year 2015)
    Hitendra Mahajan and his younger brother Mahendra Mahajan aged 44 and 39 at the time of race completed the 4,800 km RAAM.They crossed the finish line in 8days,14 hours and 55 minutes after being flagged off from Oceanside, California on the US West Coast .
  • Lt.Col.Srinivas Gokulnath from Nashik is the first Indian to finish the RAAM in solo category (2017).He completed the race in 11days and 18 hours.
  • Dr.Amit Samarth from Nagpur is also RAAM finisher in solo category (2017)
    He completed the race in 11 days and 21 hours in his rookie attempt.
  • In the team category of four at the 2017 RAAM, Sahyahdri cyclists finished the race.
    Four cyclists- Dr.Rajendra Nehete, Dr.Ramkant Patil, Dr. Sandeep Shewale and Pankaj Marlesha completed the race in 8 Days, 10hours, 16 minutes.
    Interesting thing is that this team of four was part of the crew team for Mahajan brothers in 2015.In 2017, Mahajan brothers were part of their crew with Hitendra Mahajan listed as crew chief.

Another interesting point to be noted is that only Pankaj Marlesha is the non-doctor RAAM finisher among all.