Welcome to KOSET TM

KOSET TM, an endurance cycling event, draws its inspiration from the ancient Indian measurement system of Kos. Originating from the Vedic period, a ‘krośa’ or ‘kos’ is an ancient subcontinental standard unit of distance, approximately equivalent to 3,075 meters, as per the Arthashastra.

Historically, India’s old highways, particularly the Grand Trunk Road (G.T. Road), featured 16th to early 18th-century Kos Minars erected at distances of a little over two miles. These minars served as vital markers for measuring distances, notably between Agra and Ajmer, Agra and Lahore, and from Agra to Mundu in the south.

Today, KOSET TM revives the spirit of exploration and reverence for nature, making it more about the journey than the destination. The event is dedicated to individuals who appreciate nature, allowing riders to pause and admire their surroundings at their leisure.

Notably, most Hindu religious Parikrama circuits, like the 48 Kos Parikrama of Kurukshetra, are measured in Kos. While Kos Minars are scattered across various regions, KOSET TM is not limited to these landmarks; it’s open to the entire country.

Who is KOSET TM For:

KOSET TM is not a typical racing event; it’s for those who:

  • Love nature and can appreciate stops during the ride to admire it.
  • Seek opportunities for exploration.
  • Are not restricted to Kos landmark regions but are open to discovering new routes.
  • Want to serve the community and have leadership qualities to enforce rules responsibly.

Community Engagement:

KOSET TM presents a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to contribute to community service. Volunteers can participate by manning time stations or making arrangements for the event. For students seeking internships, this event serves as a platform to handle large manpower, learn to work under pressure, and manage strict timelines.

Event Guidelines:

  • The rides are self-supported, with no vehicle assistance.
  • Participants must wear helmets or turbans (for Sikh community) with safety lights at the front and rear, along with reflective jackets.
  • Only human-driven bicycles are allowed for KOSET TM.
  • Participants must be 18 years or older, while children above 10 years can participate with one parent.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

KOSET TM welcomes associations with regional clubs or individuals who share the spirit of the event. Sponsorships, whether in monetary terms or as goodies, are open for those who want to promote their brand or product during KOSET events. However, sponsors should avoid promoting tobacco, alcohol, or nudity.

KOSET TM is more than a cycling event; it’s a celebration of exploration, community spirit, and a connection with nature. Join us on this extraordinary journey along the ancient paths measured in Kos.